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Brand strategy, naming, visual identity


Blåmyra is an old norse name for the ocean, commonly used by brave and adventurous seafarers who dared to set out to sea beyond the horizon. Today, Blåmyra is a brand strategy and designlab on the coast of Norway, using design to enable positive impact for people, brands and our environment.

We believe that great design is all about attentiveness, curiosity and challenging the current, and that the best solutions are discovered when different experiences, crafts and perspectives meet. As a collaborative designlab, we value an interdisiplinary approach where we put together tailored teams from our network of expertise based on the needs of each individual project – be it architecture, community developing, photo/video, text or coding. All our work is custom. We don’t standardise design.

Tuning the compass is key to setting a course. Through attentiveness, research and curiosity, we develop robust, scalable and effective brand strategies and placemaking concepts that help define your direction and goals.

Each project, brand or organisation has a unique reason for being. Through close collaboration, we help shape and craft the words, motions and visuals that bring your story to life.

The difference is in the detail. Through precise craftmanship, we develop flexible visual identities, printed matter and digital solutions that are distinct, functional and effective across all brand outlets.

We have worked with a broad range of commercial players, cultural institutions and public organizations across Norway:

Kystverket, DOGA, Sarsia, LocalHost, Visit NordfjordOperahuset NordfjordSogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Saga Boats, Skipskompetanse, Knutholmen, Vyrd, Aaretak, Bremanger kommune, Stad kommuneVanylven Kommune, Maskinen, Anti, Avento, PwC, Nordplan, Jakobsen Frukt og Grønt, Fjord Miljø, Høyskolen Kristiania, Regionalt Pilegrimssenter, Stad Sjøredningsklubb, Fjordguiding, Seafood People, Seljesanden Hotell, Simona Stadpipe, 2469 Reiseliv, Flatheim, Ulvesund Elektro, Hakallegarden, Selja Forlag, Hoddevik & Drage, Stad VVS, Berget Elektro, Bergoen, Turid Haye.


We are a dedicated team with extensive experience in brand identities and concept development.

Studio Manager & Partner
+47 414 57 711

Therese Lien Smenes has worked in customer services in the aviation industry, tourism, textiles, and technology since the mid-nineties in Oslo, Bergen and Ålesund. She has a marketing background from BI and has continued her education while working as a project manager. After moving back to Stad nine years ago, she has managed several projects concerning regional development and tourism, and she has helped initiate several cultural and sports-related projects strengthening the local community.

Creative Director & Partner
+47 404 50 007

Prior to founding Blåmyra, Sunniva Djupedal spent over a decade as a senior designer at leading design agencies in Oslo and New York. Her work has won design awards and has been published in several international books and magazines. Sunniva regularly serves as an examinations committee member with the bacholor program at Høyskolen Kristiania. She holds a Masters Degree in Design from School of Visual Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication from Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.

Junior Designer
+47 992 70 697

Johanna Nilsson has a background in graphic design from Berghs School of Communication and social media and network from Handelshøyskolen BI. With an interest for digital design Johanna currently studies User Interface Design at Noroff. She is originally from Helsingborg but have lived in both USA and Costa Rica before choosing Stadlandet as her home.


We collaborate with people who believe in investing in design towards a sustainable future. As designers we have a responsibility to seek solutions that are better for both people and the planet, and we are passionate about using our craft to create projects that enable positive change.

Our self-initiated projects are our contribution to the diverse and thriving local community here on the western coast of Norway. The projects range from exhibitions and storytelling to environmental activities and publications. Heimfolk and #blåmyradugnad are two of our projects aimed at building local connections and reducing marine waste on our shores. Our designlab includes a concept store showcasing artists, designers and content creators inspired by the sea. This is also where we organize our design and art workshops aimed at inspiring future generations of artists and designers.

We are members of Grafill, Kreativt Forum and the EACA and work according to industry standards and ethical guidelines.

Want to collaborate?

Do you have a project you’d like to discuss? Get in touch to tell us about your idea or to grab a coffee out here on the coast of Norway.