Travelguide featuring the spectacular and diverse experiences and destinations found in beautiful Nordfjord.

“Visit Nordfjord” is the official tourism organization of the Nordfjord region of Norway, responsible for all marketing of the area.


The Nordfjord region stretches nearly 200 km from mountain glaciers, along steep mountains falling into quiet fjords, to a rough and rugged coast. As such, one of the main goals of the travel guide was to showcase the spectacular destinations throughout this diverse region in a clear and consistent way.

The “Travelguide 2020” saw a new and improved format, going from a traditional A4 format to a handy pocket format, making it easier for travellers to take along on their journey.


Working closely with “Visit Nordfjord,” we developed an editorial hierarchy for the guide, with the region’s map on the front cover, easily accessible and closely linked to regional highlights. Moving through the catalogue, the information is clearly structured into three main themes: Nordfjord Tracks (nature), Saga (culture) and Taste (food).


Using imagery provided (for the most part) by local photographers, a clearly defined typographic hierarchy and a structured grid, we were able to craft a travel guide that is practical, functional, and inspirational.

«Samarbeidet med Blåmyra AS med trykksaka vår Nordfjord Reiseguide 2020 har vore veldig bra. Med god framdriftsplan, korrekturar og design av guiden har arbeidet vore punktleg og veldig bra gjennomført. Vi er veldig nøgde med arbeidet som Blåmyra har gjort»

Beate Vik Hauge, Visit Nordfjord