Form follows function at Stad VVS

After 10 years under the name “Stadlandet VVS”, a local HVAC-company, decided that it needed a new name and visual identity, that could be used across website, apparel, signage and vehicles. 


In a category saturated by illustrations of plumbing and tools, it was important to find a distinct voice that would stand out among many others. Even more important, however, was the creation of a functional tool kit that would be effective across all brand outlets.

The visual identity uses color inspired by our coastal region to communicate the business category. The imagery is grounded in our local heritage, featuring employees at work and the iconic mountains found in our region.


Clarity and legibility are the main purposes of the wordmark. Using typography as form, we were able to mirror letter combinations into a wordmark that focuses entirely on the business category VVS (HVAC). The previous logo included a silhouette of the distinctive mountains at Stad. By retaining that familiar background, local imagery remains a part of the brand identity.


The result is a visual tool kit that is flexible and functional across all brand outlets, be it digital media, signage, vehicles, or apparel.