Telling the story of an island

The island of Selja near Stad has a unique history. For centuries, it has been a meeting place for people travelling by ship along the coast of Norway. The monastery there, now in ruins, was rooted in the legend of Saint Sunniva, and dates back over 900 years. The island is also thought to be the oldest pilgrimage destination in Norway.


As part of the increased focus on pilgrims and tourism to the island, we were asked by Selje municipality to develop a concept and vision for the future of this matchless site.

The facts mentioned above were our inspiration as we developed the name “Kjelda” (the source) for a possible museum showcasing the history of the island.


Inspired by the diagonal lines and natural light in the Saint Sunniva cave on the island, the concept includes a modern building on the mainland that mirrors the spatial experience of the cave. Using light, illusion and modern technology, the museum would be a modern and accessible destination for all ages – providing a starting point for visitors who intend to travel by boat to Selja.


The conceptual sketch resulted in a print catalogue which in turn contributed to Selja being chosen as one of the 4 regional Coastal Pilgrim Centers in Norway.