Sarsia is one of the leading early stage VC-funds in Norway, investing in Life Sciences and Technology, Energy and Sustainability.

Their close connection to science and academia inspired the design system, and is structured to convey their research-based expertise and different investment areas in a holistic manner. The framework and typography is systematic and structured, paired with a color palette that ranges from cold to warm – communicating both Life Science and Technology, Energy and Sustainability. Centered in the logo is a star consisting of 16 lines stretching from center, a hint to their previous logosymbol inspired by the Norwegian biologist Michael Sars and his discovery of starfish. The new star is drawn with a subtle contract between the lines stretching towards the solid logotype, and the lines angled towards the open side of the lockup. The logotype wrapped around the symbol in an off-centered half circle conveys an open and dynamic circle representing continuous and circular development. 

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”Samarbeidet med Blåmyra AS med trykksaka vår Nordfjord Reiseguide 2020 har vore veldig bra. Med god framdriftsplan, korrekturar og design av guiden har arbeidet vore punktleg og veldig bra gjennomført. Vi er veldig nøgde med arbeidet som Blåmyra har gjort”
– Beate Vik Hauge, Visit Nordfjord

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