This is Blåmyra.

Blåmyra is an old norse name for the ocean, used by those brave seafarers who dared to sail beyond the horizon.

Today, Blåmyra is a creative agency on the western coast of Norway. We use strategic design to build distinct and robust brands.


Brand strategy

We develop robust, scalable, and effective strategies that help brands and organizations define their direction.


Each brand or organization has a unique reason for being. Through close collaboration, we help shape and craft the stories that bring your point of view to life.

Graphic Design

Anchored in your story, we develop precise, yet flexible visual identities and design solutions that are distinct, functional, and effective across all brand outlets.

Therese Lien Smenes

Studio Manager & Partner

Therese has worked in customer services in the aviation industry, tourism, textiles, and technology since the mid-nineties in Oslo, Bergen and Ålesund. She has a marketing background from BI and has continued her education while working as a project manager. After moving back to Stad nine years ago, she has managed several projects concerning regional development and tourism. Helping to make Stad a robust and flourishing local community out on the coast is a driving force in her work, and she has helped initiate several cultural and sports-related projects aimed at strengthening the community ethos in this region.

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Sunniva Djupedal

Creative Director & Partner

Prior to founding Blåmyra, Sunniva spent over a decade as a senior designer in New York and Oslo. While working at some of the leading design agencies in Norway, she developed design solutions for several large organizations and brands in this country. Her work has won design awards and has been published in several international books and magazines. Sunniva is passionate about using design as a tool to enable positive impact for people, communities and the environment around us. She has served as an external examinations commitee member with the bacholor program at Høyskolen Kristiania for the past 5 years. She holds a Masters Degree in Design from School of Visual Arts and a Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication from Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.

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Passionately local

Our self-initiated projects are our contribution to the diverse and thriving local community here at Stad. The projects range from exhibitions and storytelling to environmental activities and publications. Heimfolk and #blåmyradugnad are two of our ongoing projects aimed at building local connections and reducing marine waste on our shores. activities and publications

Some of our clients

We are fortunate to collaborate with great brands and companies. Our clients include LocalHost, Seafood People, Stadpipe, Visit Nordfjord, Stad kommune, Vanylven kommune, Stad VVS, Hakallegarden, Berget Elektro, Stad Sjøredningsklubb and Turid Haye Ceramics.

Get in touch

Send us an email if you want more information, to tell us about a project or to grab a coffee.